Fun and Frolic-Commercial Playground

Childhood memories, playing in the park with friends and without any worries are likearainbowinthesunshine. Playing with same age group kids in open nature is the best way for children to get the required amount of sunlight, energy and build immunity and be socially interactive. Commercial playgrounds with all child safety equipmentfor recreational and adventure are loved by active kids, quite popular and can handlealarge volumeof kids traffic.

What is Commercial Playground?

Commercial playgrounds are Indoor and outdoor equipment and structures for children to play ideal for schools, daycare, parks and school playgrounds. There are different models to suit the budget and space requirement. Engaging kids is a very challenging task as they are active and energetic; they get bored easily and have to be givenalotof variety in their play areas.

Typical play area would have slides, of different shapes, size and heights which can be easily structured and create the play zone for kids to have fun. The need,to head to,an amusement park every time to have fun can be achieved with the equipment easily installed at homes,schoolsand nearby parks keeping in mind the space constraint nowadays.

What do they offer?

There are a wide variety of play structures today to get the children of all age groups involved in outdoor and indoor activities, in a given space. These commercial playgrounds offer:

Unlimited fun for kids of all age groups right from toddlers to children under 14 years of age.

The play structures are designed to encourage kids to be active, involve themselves in activities on their own, and groups.

Lets thekids explore and stretch their imaginations on their own, developing their motor skills at early childhood, social skills and sensory experiences with new play equipmentaround them.

Since the equipmentcomesin bright colors and materials which are safe,kids love the bright and lightweight structures without injuring themselves.

Pretend play equipmentlet the children pretend, imagineand have fun playing. These games improve the creative side of kids and let them think and come up with unique situations.

The equipmentisdesigned for long-termand high volume usage, with good designs and quality material, ideal for schools play area, public parks and even inthe backyard of the houses.

They are durable and can withstand the environment changes,and inclement weather conditions they are termed commercial.

These playgrounds can be moved and dismantled withoutthehassleand are safe for children, as the equipmentabidesby nationally recognized ASTM and CPSC standards for child safety.

They can beplayground equipment for residential customers, in smaller sizes to perfectly set in the comfort of their homes which can be ordered from websites Contact PDPlay today!For quick, prompt delivery and installation high-qualityproducts at your doorstep

Commercial equipmentfor playgrounds are safe and designed to withstand heavy usage asalotof children play.

The structures are tested as per the nationalstandards and adhere to the safety standards internationally. Injuries happen only due to inadequate protective surfacing whether it is atthepublic playgroundor inthe backyard setting.

The American Society for Testing-ASTM is set up for safety standards for playground equipment, Consumer Product Safety Commission helpsdaycare centers, and schools to build safe playgrounds and companies into commercial playgrounds have to get certified by them to install the structures and equipment.

The slides, swings, climbers, tunnels, bridges, activity panels are all theme based, nature-inspiredand even marine based play structures are very popular with the kids.